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Connecting paddlers to save Chile's rivers

The Claro and Teno Rivers are considered the two lifelines of the Los Queñes community in the Andenian-Maule region of Chile. However, both rivers are being threatened by the construction of a “Central de Paso” financed and operated by AES Gener S.A. The project involves a 39MW energy generation plant with a dual design, involving individual water collecting units, in addition to an artificial canal on both rivers, which will alter the hydrological regime and biodiversity of the streams. In the past, Los Queñes and its twin rivers has been the preferred site for US Olympic team slalom training and white water rafting. The biodiversity of the rivers provide a reliable source of food for the community and expand tourism in the region by making Sport Fishing a sustained practice. Currently, there are a few groups determined to fight and conserve the integrity of the rivers. Hostería los Queñes and Chilean Adventures are two enterprises owned by the North American Todd Ericson who is an active participant in River conservation. Matías Cavieres, owner of Camping “Tres Palos” is engaged in river tourism through Kayak and White water rafting recreation. The movement “Los Queñes Sin Represas” with its facebook page allows villagers and tourists to upload videos of endemic species of the region. Events such as “Ferias costumbristas”, “Semana Queñina”, “Encuentro de Cantores, Cuenteros y Mentirosos”, as well as “Riverfest” have been held in the heart of the Village to welcome tourists and expand environmental awareness. “Escuela Luis Escobar Lara” is a public school in Los Queñes that serves as an orphanage for both local children, and others travelling from far distances. The school is also the center for the Consejo de Defensa Los Queñes, where all of the meetings and the Fondo de Protección Ambiental-2015 projects, are held. Radio Cordillera Fm (107.3), is another active supporter of the conservation of the Teno and Claro Rivers.  

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